August 1, 2013

Online Turkish Language Instruction

The University of Texas, Austin's Department for Middle Eastern Studies is now offering online Turkish language instruction at the intermediate level.

UT-Austin's Middle Eastern Studies Online Language Institute will be offering an undergraduate course on Intermediate Turkish this fall 2013. This course will create a "virtual classroom" that is ideal for language learning online. Students will be able to work in small groups and pairs, or as a class, and they will be able to receive individualized attention just as they would in a non-online language class.

For further information and enrollment, please directly contact:
Denise Beachum
Assistant Department Manager
Middle Eastern Studies
The University of Texas at Austin
p: 512-471-6132 | f: 512-471-7834
denise.beachum at austin dot utexas dot edu

Ciddi, S. Accredited Online Turkish Language: UT Austin. (, 29 Jul 2013).

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