August 11, 2013

Need for Interpreters Grows with Immigration


Need for interpreters grows with immigration
By Oliver Ortega
August 3, 2013

About a decade ago, Elena Tsinman’s agency began getting requests for interpreters who could speak Oromo, Tigrinya and Agaw — all east African languages she had never heard of.

Since then, her Columbus-based company, ASIST, has expanded to offer more than 240 languages on a 24-hour hot line and 150 on-site interpreters, covering widely used languages as well as the most arcane.

As Columbus’ immigrant population has grown, local nonprofit groups and agencies such as ASIST have been crucial in helping the city’s foreign-born residents obtain services and assimilate.

Recent immigration from all over Asia, Africa and Latin America has created a need for interpretation and translation in scores of languages for law enforcement, courts, hospitals and social-service agencies.

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