October 23, 2011

Syntax Untangler Online Tools Helps Students Process Texts While Reading

From http://courses.dcs.wisc.edu/untangler

Syntax Untangler is an online activity that asks the learner to visually mark up a short primary text in any language, in order to improve small-scale reading skills. Any instructor can easily create and publish their own Syntax Untangler content (go to the Instructor Tools link below).

Syntax Untangler is particularly designed for training language learners to recognize and parse linguistic features. Here are some things you could ask your students to do:

Identify the parts of a separable-prefix verb within a German sentence.
Draw where a syntax structure begins and ends in a short Chinese text.

See demo videos of the above tasks, learn how to make your own tasks, and read more about the tool at http://courses.dcs.wisc.edu/untangler

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