October 30, 2011

Call for Proposals: National Chinese Language Conference

From http://sites.asiasociety.org/nclc2012/program/present-a-session

The National Chinese Language Conference (NCLC) provides a high-profile platform for sharing new ideas and best practices in the field of Chinese language teaching and learning. The 5th annual NCLC is organized by Asia Society and the College Board, and will be held in Washington, DC, April 12–14, 2012. The conference will focus on program sustainability, Chinese language proficiency, and language learning in the context of global competence.

The organizers are seeking proposals in the following areas:

Curriculum and Instruction: Innovative approaches to curriculum design, including models for linking Chinese to other subject areas and representing China across the curriculum. New and classroom-tested approaches to language instruction with a focus on interaction, communication, and the development of higher order cognitive skills.
Technology: Cutting-edge and proven solutions; reflections on how technology is changing the nature of Chinese language teaching and learning.
Partnerships: Creative models for building successful U.S.–China educational and cultural exchanges; strategies to enhance your Chinese language program with dynamic partnerships.
Research: Findings and analysis on topics in Chinese second language acquisition including cognition and Chinese language literacy, longitudinal studies of proficiency, phonological development, character recognition, cultural identity, etc.
Assessment: New and classroom-tested approaches to formative and summative assessment, technology-based approaches, measures of literacy, oral proficiency, etc.
Program Models: Especially, models and strategies for bringing Chinese to young learners, building and structuring Chinese language immersion programs, and delivering content-rich instruction in Chinese.
Sustainability and Funding: Strategies and resources for building and sustaining programs over the long term.
Proficiency and Articulation: Best practices for creating well-articulated Chinese programs that graduate students with a high level of proficiency.

All proposal submissions are due by December 1, 2011.

View the full call for proposals at http://sites.asiasociety.org/nclc2012/program/present-a-session

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