October 30, 2011

Be a Cultural Ambassador to Spain

From http://www.educacion.gob.es/eeuu/convocatorias-programas/convocatorias-eeuu/auxiliares-conversacion-eeuu.html

Cultural Ambassadors: North American Language and Culture Assistants

This program aims to:

Promote cultural, educative and scientific knowledge exchange.
Support Spanish teachers in teaching and students in learning the Spanish language.
Foster understanding and appreciation between different cultures.

The Assistants get a grant in Spain to provide support to the English or French teachers in language and culture classes and also have the opportunity to learn about the Spanish language and culture and use their experience upon their return to the United States or Canada, thus developing cultural understanding between the citizens of Spain and the United States of America and Canada.

Application: From November 1, 2011, to March 30, 2012

For more information go to http://www.educacion.gob.es/eeuu/convocatorias-programas/convocatorias-eeuu/auxiliares-conversacion-eeuu.html

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