October 9, 2011

Exams and Competitions in the Classics

Your students have plenty of opportunities to test themselves in their knowledge of classical languages, culture, and history and to earn some prizes. Here are some of them:

For advanced high school students
Application Deadline: November 4, 2011
Learn more at http://www.camws.org/awards/school.php

Applications must be postmarked no later than Tuesday, 17 January 2012
Learn more at http://www.aclclassics.org/pages/nge-exams

The National Latin Exam
Early Administration Dates: February 27 – March 2, 2012 and March 5-March 9, 2012
Regular Dates of Administration: March 12-March 16, 2012
ELIGIBILITY: Students who are enrolled in Latin or have completed a Latin course during the current academic year.
Regular Postmark Deadline: January 18, 2012 for 2012 exam
Learn more at http://www.nle.org/exams.html

Medusa Mythology Exam
6th grade or higher, plus a contest for teachers
Deadline: February 11, 2012
Learn more at http://medusaexam.cjb.net

ETC’s Exploratory Latin Exam
This exam is appropriate for students in Grades 3 through 6, and is not designed for students qualified to take the National Latin Exam.
Exams may be administered at any point between October 1, 2011 and April 1, 2012.
Learn more at http://www.etclassics.org/ele.html

SCRIBO: An International Composition Contest
Students of Latin in any grade, from kindergarten through college, may participate.
Learn more at http://www.ascaniusyci.org/scribo/index.htm

The National Classical Etymology Exam (NCEE) and The National Roman Civilization Exam (NRCE)
Administered online by the National Junior Classical League (for middle and high school students)
The National Classical Etymology Exam (NCEE) will be administered from November 1 - December 7, 2011. The last date for regular registration will be October 15, 2011.
The National Roman Civilization Exam (NRCE) will be administered from February 15 - March 31, 2012. The last date for regular registration will be January 31, 2012.
Learn more at http://njcl.org/pages/on-line-tests

Classical Association of New English writing contest
Open to all students taking Latin, Greek or Classics in New England middle and secondary schools
The topic this year is: “Gaming and Players in the Ancient World: Let the Games Begin!”
Learn more at http://caneweb.org/CANEwp/?page_id=262

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