October 9, 2011

Critical Languages Song Project Being Piloted

From http://www.clsp.gatech.edu/Song_Project

Four faculty experts – Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese – are creating, with the help of a graduate student in Human-Computer Interaction, an innovative series of advanced courses in language and culture through the prism of song.

They are creating an advanced one-semester course in culture and language tailored to the needs and concerns of the language and culture you are studying. Courses are
structured around a carefully chosen, richly annotated corpus of songs and supplied with a full pedagogical apparatus and a broad range of contextual content in various media.
presented in an innovative, specially designed computer interface. Materials will be available to instructors for full-course adoption or integration into existing courses as self-standing modules. Our model will also be readily adaptable to other languages through a downloadable template and design tools. All materials will be offered to students and instructors at no cost.
Song/units include the following segments, with some variation based upon language
Questions for understanding
Topics for discussion and writing
Suggestions for further listening
Each course is made up of 15-25 songs
with the exception of Arabic (university 3rd or 4th year), these courses are intended for use by 4th-year university students

Piloting of materials will take place in spring, 2012. University faculty interested in participating in the pilot should write to Stuart Goldberg at sgoldberg at gatech dot edu. Completed materials will be available in fall, 2012.

For full details of this project go to http://www.clsp.gatech.edu/Song_Project

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