October 9, 2011

Poorly Attested Words in Ancient Greek Online

From http://ancientworldonline.blogspot.com

The project Poorly Attested Words in Ancient Greek (PAWAG) has the aim of setting up a database in the form of an electronic dictionary that gathers together words of Ancient Greek that are either only scantily attested (i.e. with one or few occurrences), inadequately (i.e. characterized by some sort of uncertainty) or in any case problematically, both from a formal and semantic point of view.

The project is open to international collaboration and the archive will be drawn up through progressive expansion both in the number of entries and their contents, with gradual correction and updating and elimination of any ghost-word.

The database is available free and offers a scientific tool for scholars in the research on classical world as well as a supplement to the existing dictionaries of ancient Greek (in which satisfactory attention can hardly be paid to the complex field of Poorly Attested Words), in order to make a contribution to future improvement of Greek lexicography.

The database is available at http://www.aristarchus.unige.it/pawag/index.php

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