May 15, 2011

Symposium on Second language Writing 2011


Symposium on Second language Writing 2011
Writing for Scholarly Publication: Beyond "Publish or Perish"

The 2011 Symposium will be held June 9-11, 2011, in Taipei, Taiwan. Taiwan has long been a major site of second language writing research, and in recent years, it has emerged as one of the growth areas where increasing numbers of researchers and teachers from various disciplinary backgrounds--computer assisted language learning, English for Specific Purposes, literacy studies, rhetoric and composition, and TESOL, among others--are drawn to the topic of second language writing. It is also a context in which the pressure to publish in certain international journals is strongly felt by researchers across the disciplines.

This year's Symposium will seek to move the field beyond the "publish or perish" mentality by bringing together internationally known researchers, teachers, and journal and book editors in writing- and language-related fields the world over to question, resist, challenge, negotiate and overcome institutional expectations for international scholarly publication. In so doing, the organizers hope to generate a better understanding of issues in international scholarly publication that can not only help improve the productivity of researchers from various parts of the world but also to generate new knowledge that can help shape the evaluation system in ways that facilitates the production of truly valuable knowledge.

View the schedule of presenters at the conference website at

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