May 22, 2011

CERCLL 2011 Summer Workshops


Since its inception, the Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language, and Literacy (CERCLL) has offered summer workshops in which research and theory are linked with practical applications for the language classroom. In these workshops, University of Arizona faculty and faculty from other institutions share what they have learned through their research and teaching with participants. Each workshop includes discussion, hands-on activities, and opportunities for networking with colleagues.

Here is this summer’s line-up:

May 31st - June 1st: Playing Stories and Reading Games: Developing L2 Literacies through Digital Gaming
June 2nd - 3rd: For a Pedagogy of Multiliteracies: Reconciling Communicative and Text-centered Instruction in the Elementary and Intermediate Foreign Language Classroom
June 6th - 7th: Textualization and Recontextualization: Teaching for Literacy and Semiotic Awareness in the Foreign Language Curriculum
June 8th: (AM): Applying the Performance and Visual Arts in the Second Language Classroom
(PM): Communicative Language Teaching through Process Drama
June 9th - 10th: The What and How to Teaching Culture in the FL Classroom: Introducing the Basics of Intercultural Communication

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