May 30, 2011

Authentic Video Clips: Using YouTube to Teach French Language and Culture to Kids


From the Foreign Language Fun blog:

“What did I do before YouTube? Seriously . . . how did I teach? Short, authentic video clips have become a standard part of my French lessons. They are an awesome way to allow my students to get a glimpse of authentic culture and hear native accents. I never thought that I would use video with my littlest pre-k language learners, but wow . . . is it ever effective to show an occasional 1-2 minute video clip. Bursts of video help my lessons to take on a real ‘Sesame Street’ kind of feel!

“It’s now common practice for me to search YouTube for my lesson content and theme. Here are a few examples of video clips that can enrich language and culture for kids. I hope this short list will inspire you with ideas for using video to support your lessons”

Read through the examples and get some ideas at

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