May 15, 2011

May 2011 NCLRC Newsletter


The May 2011 issue of the National Capital Language Resource Center is available. In this issue:

NCLRC’s Feature contributor Dr. Maria F. Still describes a process of collegial observations, demonstrating how they can be the impetus for improving the learning and teaching process already in place, and as a vehicle for validation of a job well done.
Critical Languages contributor Mary Ann Layman-Hager spotlights several LARC projects that underscore the premise that one learns a great deal about a language through listening and viewing.
The Heritage Languages column this month highlights the work being done by the Alliance for the Advancement of Heritage Languages.
Testing Tips author John Ross urges collaboration between and among peer teachers for designing curriculum.
YANA, aka Sheila W. Cockey, outlines how observation is the first step toward experiential, participatory learning by employing all five of the senses.
Christine F. Melone, editor, announces that The Culture Club contains new material now ready for your perusal.
In Tech for Teachers, John Ross has ideas for connecting with native speakers through videoconferencing. On our Special Column US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan writes an open letter to America's teachers.

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