May 8, 2011

Conventiculum Vasintoniense MMXI

Annual Workshop
Washington Spoken-Latin Seminar 2011
to be held on the campus of Wenatchee Valley College, Washington
Preparatory Sessions: June 30th and July 1st
Main Seminar: July 2nd through 8th

This Conventiculum Vasintoniense will be an excellent opportunity for practicing speaking Latin. Most days we will take an excursion during which the participants, with the help of moderators, will not only chat among themselves in Latin but also describe in Latin everything they do and see. In the countryside and in parks we will discuss trees and plants, mountains and glaciers, rivers, animals, birds, insects, weather, and many other things. In town, our topics will be all things urban: the arts and entertainment, buildings and transportation, the harbor and ships, business, shopping, books, clothing, sports, etc. This seminar will be of special interest to those who enjoy the outdoors and/or the city and who would like to improve their Latin skills "kinesthetically" in friendly conversation while engaging in a variety of activities in a multitude of contexts and settings.

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