May 30, 2011

Report: Immigration, Language and Culture

The College Board has released the fifth report in their Teachers Are the Center of Education/Teacher Voices series: Immigration, Language and Culture. This report, created in collaboration with the National Writing Project and Phi Delta Kappa, provides an on-the-ground view of educating immigrant students and English language learners (ELL) through the lens of six classroom teachers. The report highlights the strengths these students bring to our classrooms and country, the challenges they — teachers and students — face, and provides clear recommendations on changes required to ensure that these students receive the education they need and deserve.

Download the report from

In support of this report, the College Board is also releasing videos that feature each of the six profiled teachers. Learn more about the teachers and their thoughts on the issues and practices of working with ELL and immigrant students at

Learn more about the Teachers Are the Center of Education/Teacher Voices series, a project of the College Board Advocacy & Policy Center, at


  1. College Board has their official blog and will continue to include reports like this.


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