May 15, 2011

eduTecher: Find Useful Web Tools


eduTecher was founded in late 2007 as a way to keep track of the growing number of web tools that could be used in the classroom setting. The website’s mission is to help educators and schools around the world effectively integrate technology and web tools into the classroom. eduTecher currently provides links to thousands of web tools and provides concise information on how these tools may be useful in the classroom setting.

Besides the wealth of links to Web Tools, users can also find self-produced webisodes of eduTecherTV with walkthroughs and demonstrations on how to use specific Web Tools for educational purposes. Users can create a free account and get access to wealth of features that make exploring and sharing sites on eduTecher fast and simple.

Currently a search for tools relevant to foreign language teaching yields 89 results, some general and some specific to language teaching.

eduTecher is available at

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