January 30, 2011

Winter/Spring Edition of the International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching

The Winter/Spring edition of the International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching is up at http://www.ijflt.com

These are the contents of the research section. The Teacher to Teacher section contains photos, articles and videos from this summer's iFLT conference in California.

Does Being an L2 Native-Speaking Teacher Influence L2 Use?
by Frédérique Grim
A Note on Error Correction: The Effect of Removing One Outlier in Ryoo (2007)
by Stephen Krashen
Video Gaming: The New Free Voluntary Reading?
by Kenneth Horowitz
What Successful Language Learners' Stories Can Tell Us
by Alex Poole
Incidental Acquisition of Spelling Competence: A Re-Analysis of Pérez Canado (2006)
by Stephen Krashen
A Corpus-Based Analysis Comparing Vocabulary: Input from Storybooks and Textbooks
by Ming-yi Hsieh, Fei-yu Wang, and Sy-ying Li

Download the latest issue at http://www.tprstories.com/ijflt/index-summer09.htm

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