January 30, 2011

Editorial: The National Imperative for Language Learning

From http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2011/01/26/18jackson_ep.h30.html?qs=national+imperative+for+language

The National Imperative for Language Learning
By Anthony W. Jackson, Charles E. M. Kolb, & John I. Wilson
January 25, 2011

Global competence is an area where most American classrooms are falling short. Consider a class of children entering kindergarten in the United States. While their classes may include students from around the world, global issues and cultures will not be regularly woven into their schoolwork. They will probably study only one language—English—until high school, even though they would learn a second language far more easily if they began in elementary school. Meanwhile, 20 out of 25 industrialized countries start teaching world languages in grades K-5, and 21 countries in the European Union require nine years of language study. International business leaders are warning that American graduates may be technically competent but are increasingly culturally deprived and linguistically illiterate compared with graduates from other countries competing for the same jobs.

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  1. The full article is available to paying subscribers only, unfortunately. I would have liked to have read the whole article.

  2. Oops! I should have included the information that you need to subscribe to read the full article. However, it is a free subscription.


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