January 16, 2011

NFLC Contract Language Consultant Opportunities: Fijian, Japanese, and Malay

The National Foreign Language Center (NFLC) at the University of Maryland is a research institute dedicated to promoting communication within the United States in languages other than English. NFLC is currently working on a project that provides adult language learners with interactive online tools to reinforce their foreign language skills. The focus is on less commonly taught languages. They are currently looking for several individuals to help us launch projects in the following languages:

* Fijian
* Japanese
* Malay

Minimum Requirements:
* Native, or near-native, proficiency in the target language
* English proficiency
* Ability to conduct Internet research and submit Word documents and/or audio files

Desired Qualifications:
* Knowledge of ILR scale of language proficiency
* Multiple choice item development experience

Specifically, they need educated native speakers of these languages (or individuals with equivalent proficiency levels) to create online activities in their native languages using software we provide. In addition, they are looking for speakers to find authentic reading and audio passages, to record audio files, and to perform various editing tasks in these languages.

The work is part-time, contractual, and most of the work can be done from your home computer. All candidates must have permission to work in the United States.

If you are interested in working with NFLC, or if you know a qualified candidate who would be interested in working with them, please contact the NFLC via email at recruitment at nflc dot org and send your current resume or CV with your language in the subject line.

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