January 7, 2011

NCLRC Summer Institutes for 2011

From http://www.nclrc.org/profdev/nclrc_inst_pres/summer_inst.html

The National Capital Language Resource Center’s upcoming Summer Institutes for 2011 will be held from May 24 to June 28, 2011, the institutes topics include:

* Using Backward Design for Planning Standard Based Instruction
* Language Program Evaluation
* Developing Listening Comprehension
* Understanding Assessment
* Spanish Language and Culture, Three Day Immersion for Spanish Teachers
* Teaching Spanish to Heritage Spanish Speakers
* French Language and Culture, Three Day Immersion for French Teachers
* French and the Arts
* Using Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom

More details are forthcoming at http://www.nclrc.org/profdev/nclrc_inst_pres/summer_inst.html

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