January 30, 2011

UGA Summer Institute for Latin Teachers


Each year the Institute offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate Latin and Classics courses, including, in odd-numbered years, a methods course for Latin teachers and Intensive Beginning Greek and, in even-numbered years, Intensive Beginning Latin. The Institute curriculum is supplemented by workshops and guest lectures by visiting master teachers and scholars. The program is designed especially for Latin teachers who wish to continue their education or earn a Master’s degree in Latin on a summers-only basis. The faculty of the Department of Classics share in a tradition of cooperation with high school teachers that culminates each summer in an exciting and challenging curriculum. The offerings for the summer of 2011 can be found here:


For the most up-to-date information about available University Housing, please visit: http://www.uga.edu/housing/rates/nextyearsrates.html . Off-campus housing is also available. UGA meal plans are offered at low student rates.

Tuition rates for summer 2010 were $250 per credit hour plus $584 in fees for in-state students and $871 per credit hour for out-of state students (2011 rates will be available in early 2011 – please check the UGA Bursar’s Office for the most updated information).

Latin teachers from outside Georgia may complete a tuition waiver to reduce tuition to the in-state level. Modest scholarships are also available from the Department. Scholarships are also offered by non-UGA organizations; please visit http://www.classics.uga.edu for a list.

All Institute participants must be admitted to the University of Georgia, either as Degree or Non-Degree students. Please apply on the Graduate School website at http://www.grad.uga.edu. For admission to the Summer Institute, complete the online application packet available at http://classics.uga.edu/academic_programs/summer_institute_application.htm . Writing samples may be emailed to grading at uga dot edu.

Application and supporting documents must be received no later than April 1st for domestic applicants, six weeks earlier for international applicants.

For more information, please contact Kay Stanton at gradinq at uga dot edu or Dr. John Nicholson at jhn at uga dot edu, or call 706-542-9264.

Department of Classics • University of Georgia •
221 Park Hall • Athens, GA 30602


Lafleur, R. [Latinteach] UGA Summer Institute for Latin Teachers. Latinteach listserv (latinteach@nxport.com, 29 Jan 2011).

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