January 16, 2011

Indigenous Language TV Series: Finding Our Talk

The third season of Finding Our Talk: A Journey into Indigenous Languages is now available on DVD. The 13-part series celebrates the success and challenges of language preservation and revitalization around the world.

Directed by aboriginal directors and produced by Mushkeg Media Inc., this season takes an international perspective looking at endangered languages in Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand, Norway, Guatemala, Bolivia and North America. The award winning series has been broadcast in Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Some episodes represent the first professional recordings of elders speaking rarely heard languages. Other episodes showcase the role technology and innovation play in modern language revitalization programs. Three seasons were filmed in Canada and seven other countries. Thirty-nine, half hour episodes each look at endangered languages from a modern aboriginal perspective. There is no other series like it. "Finding Our Talk" is a valuable resource for language speakers, learners and teachers.

Visit http://www.mushkeg.ca to learn more, download an informational PDF, and view excerpts from all three seasons of the series. You can also view excerpts at their YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MushkegMedia

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