September 14, 2013

Sheng Language Is Gaining Prominence


Sheng language is gaining prominence
By Ronald Njoroge and Chris Mgidu
September 14, 2013

Kenya’s Sheng language, a mix of English, Swahili and other vernacular languages, is beginning to gain acceptance in the country.

Scholars are unanimous that the language, which was once confined to the lowest class of society, has now emerged as the Lingua Franca in Kenya.

United States International University Associate Professor Fredrick Iraki said that the role of Sheng can be seen in the mass media. “Both local and international companies now use Sheng when advertising their products and services,” Iraki said.

English is normally spoken while conducting international business, education and news. Swahili, on the other hand, is used for basic inter-ethnic communication, lower level commercial activity and interaction as well as to express nationalism.

“Sheng is now taking over some of the domains especially in news and entertainment,” he said.

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