September 7, 2013

Classroom Display Resources and Ideas

Are you looking for bulletin board and classroom decoration ideas? Here are some from other teachers:

Here are some French ( ) and Spanish ( ) display resources from MFL Sunderland.

Here are some ideas from the Creative Language Class blog:écor

These two pages from eHow are for Spanish bulletin boards, but the ideas could be used with any language: and

Here is a collection of bulletin board and classroom decorations from

Here is a realia-based idea from middle school Spanish teacher Maris Hawkins:

Get some more ideas from teacher Rachel Bailey’s Pinterest board:

Here is a suggestion for integrating an ongoing cognate awareness activity with a bulletin board:

I do something … on a weekly basis. Students find Spanish text anywhere in our community. They then highlight words they know (green), words that look like cognates (yellow), and words they do not know (orange). They also look up three of the words they do not know and add them to a personal dictionary. The bulletin board part comes in with my first year high school class. As an entry task, they write cognate pairs on slips of colored paper and we add them to a wall where I have a paper fountain labeled "Fuente de cognados." Eventually we stop adding to the fountain, but they keep identifying and color-coding the three groups of words in local text for the rest of the year.

Herring, S. Re: [FLTEACH] Spanish bulletin board ideas??? FLTEACH listserv (FLTEACH@LISTSERV.BUFFALO.EDU, 10 Aug 2012).

Latin teacher Rose Williams suggests the following:

At you can click "more to explore" then "downloadable materials" to find lots of free posters.

I like to make a poster with the outline of a tree on whose trunk I place a Latin word such as "porto." I either attach leaves with derivatives of porto written on them or let the students make the leaves themselves. Various other trees, for forms of verbs or history timelines etc. are good.

Some touchable items such as small classical statues, cameos, little bas reliefs, a piece of raw marble, Roman coins, and small vases of Roman style glass are good to use as decorations and conversation pieces.

Roman paper dolls are available on several websites and make good displays.

Rose Williams. Re: [Latinteach] tips on decorating a Latin classroom. Latinteach listserv (, 15 Aug 2012).

Stay tuned next week for more bulletin board and classroom decoration ideas.

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