September 29, 2013

Call for Proposals: 3rd International Conference on Chinese as a Second Language Research


3rd International Conference on Chinese as a Second Language Research
28-Aug-2014 - 30-Aug-2014
Parma, Italy

CASLAR is a biennial conference with the goal to bring together scholars from all over the world whose research focuses on the acquisition, development and use of Chinese as a second language to survey available knowledge in the field, exchange ideas and initiate research projects. The conference is a part of the CASLAR movement that aims to transform a field from a primarily experienced-and practice-based discipline into a discipline based on and supported by research and theory. The first CASLAR conference was held at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou in 2010, the second one was in Taipei, Taiwan in 2012.

CASLAR 2014 invites proposals for presentations that are related to research, and theory in any area of Chinese as a Second Language (CSL).

Suggested Topic Areas:
- Acquisition and development of CSL (Chinese as a Second Language)
- Role of culture in the acquisition of CSL
- Language Teaching Methodology for Chinese as a second / foreign language
- Pragmatics of using Chinese as a second language
- Cognitive aspects of CSL acquisition
- Distance Learning in CSL
- Technology and CSL
- Computer-mediated communication in CSL
- Acquisition of Chinese grammar, vocabulary
- Chinese character acquisition and recognition
- Discourse in CSL
- Designing materials for CSL instruction
- Conceptual socialization in the process of developing CSL
- Application of linguistic theories to Chinese L2 data
- Motivation to learn Chinese
- Effect of CSL on L1
- Assessment of proficiency in CSL

Call Deadline: 01-Mar-2014

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