September 14, 2013

Education Department Seeks English-Learner Research Priorities


Education Department Seeks English-Learner Research Priorities
by Sarah D. Sparks
September 9, 2013

The Education Department is looking for guidance in how it should target research to improve the academic achievement of students learning English, in the midst of ongoing debate on the use and effectiveness of federal language-learning grants.

In today's Federal Register, the department calls for members of the public and research community to weigh in on which of the following ELL topic areas most need new study or reviews of literature.

The request comes on the heels of a similar call for guidance last week on technical assistance for schools working with English-language learners. Advocates for English-learners—the fastest-growing student group in public schools—have voiced concern that Title III, the federal grants intended to serve these students, are often improperly used and ineffective.

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