September 14, 2013

More Classroom Decoration and Bulletin Board Ideas

Last week we shared teachers’ ideas for decorating their classrooms. Here are more:

I always had one bulletin board with the title 'Was ich im Sommer gemacht habe". I would put up one sheet of paper with my summer activities - including pictures. Then the students had to do one as their first homework assignment, which was put up on the board. Much more interesting than the usual "interview" type activity.

Gronlund, P. Re: [AATG-L] Does anyone have any bulletin board ideas? AATG-L listserv (, 1 Aug 2012).

When we start learning verbs, I put up a bulletin board titled "Do it in German". I put various pictures of activities labeled with the German infinitive. Then we practice using these verbs in the different persons. If a verb is irregular, I avoid the du and er, sie, es forms. Now it's easy to put up activities with clip art. I used to scour magazines, which is another great source.

Gronlund, P. Re: [AATG-L] Bulleltin Board Ideas. AATG-L listserv (, 4 Aug 2012).

OK, in order to compete with Spanish who had put printouts/pictures of some Latino hotties on their hallway bulletin board, I decided to print out some of the Classic Ryan Gosling Memes that Prof Angeline Chiu of U of Vermont has been posting on Facebook for a while. Here's where the archives are:

Lots of Vergil, Catullus, even some Caesar. They all start, "salve, puella..."

So much fun. My hallway bulletin board says, "HEY GIRL... true romance begins with the ROMANS!" and have printouts intermixed. I also printed a few on 11X17 photo paper which are now on the wall behind my desk.

Lindzey, G. [Latinteach] Classic Ryan Gosling Memes Classroom Decorations. Latinteach listserv (, 24 Aug 2013).

Visit Ms. Lindzey’s blog at and her website at

I have articles from National Geographic related to things/places Hispanic*hung up. If a student finishes an assignment or quiz, it is fun to get one down to read. Also, I change my boards *frequently* so I can display my students' work (good for them, good for administrators, parents and other visitors to see, etc. … Just be sure to explain to students that you don't have room to display everyone's work at once, but that you will try to get to each student's work sometime during the theme/grading period/year. …

It's also nice to display things related to your theme(s) of study. (Body parts? How about a skeleton with the body parts labeled? Environment--how about a folded construction paper display of parrots, ferns, etc.?), you name it! You can even buy trims (relatively inexpensively) with sayings, chiles, foods, etc. If your school doesn't want to pay for the large colored paper to cover the boards (a new cost saver at my school), large, colorful, thin plastic table cloths can be found at the dollar type stores for about a $1. …

You might even be lucky enough to have some student(s) staying after school for some reason or another (waiting for a game?)/or arriving early and willing to do this for you! It gives them some ownership and pride in decorating *their* room.

Hedin, N. Re: [FLTEACH] Spanish bulletin board ideas??? FLTEACH listserv (FLTEACH@LISTSERV.BUFFALO.EDU, 10 Aug 2012).

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