September 20, 2013

Call for Papers: Workshop on L2 & L3 Acquisition of Vocabulary in the Germanic Languages


A special workshop on the acquisition of L2 and L3 vocabulary will be held at the Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference (GLAC-20), May 2-3, 2014 at Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana).

The focus of this workshop will be on the acquisition of vocabulary by second (L2) and third (L3) language learners of the Germanic languages. The workshop has the following main objectives:
- to enhance cross-linguistic research on L2/L3 vocabulary acquisition within the Germanic language family
- to investigate specific phenomena in the area of lexical acquisition from a variety of theoretical perspectives
- to compare aspects of lexical acquisition among L2 learners with that of L3 learners

The research topics to be treated in the workshop may include the following:
- The acquisition of collocations and lexical chunks
- The use of learner corpora in the investigation of L2 or L3 acquisition
- The role of polysemy in vocabulary acquisition
- Differences in acquisition in reading, writing, listening, or speaking
- The role of instruction and materials
- New technologies
- Barriers to vocabulary acquisition

Abstract submission deadline: January 15, 2014

View the full call for proposals at

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