July 28, 2013

Online Course: English Language Learners and the Common Core State Standards

From http://shop.ascd.org

To successfully acquire both proficiency in English and content area knowledge, many English language learners (ELLs) require additional time, instructional support, and aligned assessments. In this course, you'll explore instructional and assessment strategies teachers can apply to their classrooms to support ELLs' reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills as they work to acquire knowledge and skills aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Through video examples, in-depth readings, and downloadable applications, you'll learn practical ways to help your ELLs attain rigorous grade-level expectations for literacy and mathematics, preparing them for college and careers.

Purchase this course at http://shop.ascd.org/Default.aspx?TabID=55&ProductId=77093113&English-Language-Learners-and-the-Common-Core-State-Standards

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