July 13, 2013

Fifteen Uses for Mini Whiteboards

From http://www.thefrenchcorner.net

Middle school French teacher Samantha Decker writes,

“I love using mini whiteboards in my classroom because I see my students automatically become more invested in an activity when they have the opportunity to write on a whiteboard. It's also a great way to formatively assess students all at once. That said, a little goes a long way and sometimes students can get bored if you don't change up what you're doing every time you bring out the whiteboards.

“Any of these activities in my list below could be done as a whole-class activity, with the teacher or a student volunteer doing the speaking, or a pair or small group activity, with students taking turns being the teacher (in some cases you may need to make up envelopes with cards to read). These activities are best for practicing listening or writing skills, but a lot of them could be done as oral exercises as well by eliminating the white boards.”

Read on for Ms. Decker’s activity ideas: http://www.thefrenchcorner.net/2013/07/15-uses-for-mini-whiteboards.html

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