July 28, 2013

2013-2014 American Philological Association Placement Service Now Open

From http://apaclassics.org/index.php/apa_blog/apa_blog_entry/2013-2014_placement_service_now_open

The automated system for the 2013-2014 APA Placement Service is now open and accepting registrations by candidates, subscribers, and institutions. As was the case last year, registrants will need to create an account and then purchase the service(s) they wish. Registrants who used the Service last year may (but are not required to) adopt the same username and password as before; however, they will still need to create a new account.

For full details and information about changes from last year, go to http://apaclassics.org/index.php/apa_blog/apa_blog_entry/2013-2014_placement_service_now_open

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