July 13, 2013

Book: The Developmental Dimension in Instructed Second Language Learning

From http://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/the-developmental-dimension-in-instructed-second-language-learning-9781441193728

The Developmental Dimension in Instructed Second Language Learning: The L2 Acquisition of Object Pronouns in Spanish
By Paul Malovrh and James F. Lee
Published by Bloomsbury Publishing

This work identifies developmental stages in the acquisition of object pronouns by instructed second language learners of Spanish. It examines learners ranging from beginner to advanced, where the most advanced are themselves teachers of Spanish language courses. Experience abroad is an important variable in the data. The book explores language production from a functionalist perspective, examining form-to-function and function-to-form mappings, and explores L2processing within the framework of the model of input processing. It provides insights into related developments in the production of appropriate morphology in clitic pronouns, their placement in OV contexts, and how they are processed as input. Detailed analysis reveals related development between the production, placement, and processing of clitic pronouns in terms of specific linguistic features, and, along with a concept-oriented analysis of language production, the authors propose stages of interlanguage development. Finally, the extent to which classroom learning affects interlanguage development is explored; formal instruction and experience abroad are examined, as well as the specific instruction on object pronouns and overall exposure to instruction.

Visit the publisher’s website at http://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/the-developmental-dimension-in-instructed-second-language-learning-9781441193728

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