July 13, 2013

Apply To Be a German Center of Excellence

From http://www.aatg.org/coe

AATG’s German Centers of Excellence program identifies and honors excellence at all levels of instruction K-16. The designation is presented to a well-established and growing German program with strong support from the administration, colleagues, alumni, parents, and students.

The German program at a German Center of Excellence is clearly student-centered and has credentialed faculty which demonstrates evidence of continuing professional development. The curriculum is standards-based with a clear, articulated sequence of instruction which reflects current methodologies. Classes are conducted in German. The materials and classroom routines are culturally authentic and appropriate to the instructional level of the students. Meaningful cultural activities are integrated into the curriculum at all levels.

An exemplary German program reflects a clearly organized structure determined by the instructional needs of the students. The diverse learning styles of students are respected through varied instructional and assessment techniques. Regular, differentiated assessments result in above average student performance.

Interested in having your school recognized as a German Center of Excellence? Applications are due August 30, 2013.

Learn more at http://www.aatg.org/coe

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