July 28, 2013

Five Tips for Getting the ESL Student Talking

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Five Tips for Getting the ESL Student Talking
by Marc Anderson
July 18, 2013

 Let's face it -- everyone has something to say some time or another. ESL learners are no different. As a teacher of either online English or classroom ESL instruction, it is important to make your students feel comfortable speaking. They may feel embarrassed about their inability to speak English fluently. Or perhaps they are just shy. As an instructor, you need to ask yourself how you are impacting the learning environment:

 Are the students afraid to make mistakes?
 Is your instruction on their level?
 Do you state clear instructions with examples?
 Do your lessons incorporate exciting material and ways to teach?
 Are your students motivated and interested to learn?

After you ask yourself these questions and alter your teaching based on honest self-evaluation, you can incorporate more ways to encourage your students to learn English.

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