August 5, 2012

Ideas for English Language Learners | The Summer Olympics


Teaching With the Olympics: Ideas for English Language Learners

The Olympics offer countless opportunities for learning. With most countries in the world participating, the Games are especially interesting for E.L.L.s since it’s likely that every student will have a representative from his or her native country participating.

Here is a selection of Times pieces, along with ideas for teaching with them. But remember: new photographs, articles, videos and infographics will be published daily throughout the Games.

Mr. Ferlazzo’s article is the first in a new regular feature on the Learning Network: “Ideas for E.L.L.s,” a monthly selection of New York Times articles, infographics, videos and photographs that are especially accessible for English language learners around the globe — and that could, of course, be useful for any learner for whom Times content can be difficult.

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