August 12, 2012

American Council of Learned Societies Fellowships


The American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) continues to be the leading private institution supporting scholars in the humanities and related social sciences at the doctoral and postdoctoral levels. In 2012, the Council gave over $15 million in fellowship stipends and other awards to more than 320 scholars in the United States and abroad.

The 2012-13 competition offers fellowships and grants in 14 programs. With the exception of the New Faculty Fellows program and the Public Fellows program, an individual may apply to as many fellowship and grant programs as are suitable. However, not more than one ACLS or ACLS-joint award may normally be accepted in any one competition year. Information on the 2012-13 competitions is now available.

For the purpose of these competitions, the humanities and related social sciences include but are not limited to American studies; classics; film; geography; history; languages and literatures; linguistics; rhetoric, communication, and media studies; sociology; and theater, dance, and performance studies. Proposals in interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary studies are welcome, as are proposals focused on any geographic region or on any cultural or linguistic group.

Deadlines vary, but the due date for the majority of applications is October 2, 2012.

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