August 12, 2012

Edustation: Learn Spanish and Other Languages through Videos in a Social Network

From is a website for people learning languages that’s entirely in Spanish. Right now they support Spanish, English, Polish, French, and German. On this site all the material (texts, video, recordings, pictures, etc.) is uploaded by the users who also provide subtitles in the case of videos (Spanish subtitles) as well as explanations and translations. You get points for everything you upload and those points increase your public ranking in the community where everyone can see how much everyone else has contributed, which thereby encourages people to contribute new material.

They have a wide variety of interesting content presented in a variety of formats: texts, videos, and pictures. The videos include music videos, TED talks, fun Spanish lessons, interviews with flamenco dancers, documentaries about Spanish-speaking countries, short fun educational cartoons for kids, short travel videos about Spanish-speaking places, and more. The texts they have include an equally wide variety in terms of subject matter and difficulty, such as: a short article about the Ocelot, articles that teach you about Spanish-speaking countries like Chile and Argentina and Bolivia and more, articles on economics and politics (advanced level), history and culture of Spanish-speaking countries like Machu Picchu in Peru, Spanish translations of movie quotes, etc.

Read the full review of this resource at is available at

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