August 12, 2012


“Companions to Classical Reception” is a new series launched by Brill dedicated to exploring every aspect in the history of classical reception as well as the life and work of eminent classical scholars in an all-inclusive and comprehensive way. The aim in launching the Series is (a) to provide a forum for researchers in the field of classical studies, philosophy and intellectual history and fill bibliographic gaps in the history of classical reception studies, and (b) to contribute effectively to the flourishing area of research in the field of Classical Reception Studies. Thus scholars actively engaged across the whole spectrum of classical studies and intellectual historians, as well as those working on sub-disciplines of classical studies are expected to jointly engage in well-defined projects serving the raison d’être of the Series.

Each volume would be a commissioned volume on a classical author or general major topic aiming to provide graduate-level synthesis of debate and the state of scholarship. Expected length is 150-240,000 words, i.e. ca. 400-600 pages. Volumes will be in English and ideally aimed at specialist and non-specialist scholars and graduate (or otherwise advanced) students in classics, ancient history, intellectual history and various other disciplines depending on the subjects of the individual volumes.

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