August 12, 2012

Language Nuggets: Blog Encourages Conversations about Language and Language Learning

From the NYSTESOL listserv:

Educators working with ELLs often extend their responsibilities and dedication to realms beyond our job descriptions. Frequently, we become advocates for our students and families both in school and out. Within the walls of our schools, we must figure out ways open the minds of all those who interact daily with ELLs.

Last year, in hopes of generating interest and cultivating understanding about language learning, I began sharing a weekly "Language Nugget" with my colleagues via email. There were different topics ranging from language acquisition to endangered languages to information about loanwords to strategies for encouraging ELLs to speak in small groups.

I spoke with my administration first, asking them for permission to email everyone on the staff list. They agreed only if I included an "opt out" clause. Much to my surprise, throughout the year nobody requested to be removed from the list.

Until June, I continued to send "nuggets" to the entire staff. I received dozens of comments that began, "That article you sent was very interesting..." I overheard conversations about bilingualism inspired by a video about sign language in Nicaragua.

I have been working on a way to make this possible for other ELL teachers.

I hope you will join me in learning more and sharing that knowledge with others.

If you would like to receive one or two weekly nuggets (never more) delivered right to your email inbox, please read the instructions below.

Go to the Language Nugget blog here:
On the right side of the blog, you will see a box where you can enter your email.
Enter your email.
You will then be sent a confirmation email.
Check your inbox and confirm the sign up.
Wait for your weekly nugget to be delivered. (It won't happen immediately because they're published weekly)
Read it.
Share liberally with friends and colleagues.
Begin conversations.

Scibienski, D. [nystesol-l] A New Blog Sharing Info about Languages and Learning. NYSTESOL-L listserv (, 6 Aug 2012).

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