August 18, 2012

Start the School Year with a Video Montage of French in Use

A French teacher shares on FLTEACH:

For the 1st day of class I am trying to put together a collection of clips from TV and movies using French - Lucy arrested in Paris, Saturday Night Live French class skit with Alec Baldwin as the teacher, Lindsay Lohan French rant in Parent Trap, etc.

Brightwell, N. [FLTEACH] First day of class video montage. FLTEACH listserv (FLTEACH@LISTSERV.BUFFALO.EDU, 3 Aug 2012).

Here is the resulting collection of links to videos suggested by teachers:

Monty Python French Taunting:

Eddie Izzard - edited thanks to Jennifer J

Friends -Joey speaks French (short)

Friends- Joey speaks French (long)

GOOD NEWS -Peter Lawford & June Allyson:

Lucy in Paris:

Steve Martin-Le Hamburger:

Target Alouette

Wonder Years:

Emma Stone Les Jeunes de Paris

A Cause Des Garcons

Parent Trap Mom:

The Nanny:

Last Holiday market scene

Will Smith Le Short dans le Four

Bradley Cooper & les jeunes

Bradley Cooper interview

Oreo commercial

Cute Renault commercial

Capucha (petite fille adorable!)qui raconte une histoire:

Another FLTEACH user has put together this collection of videos:

You might also find some good clips at the AATF YouTube channel:

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