August 5, 2012

Chinese Resources for Middle School Students


The Asia Education Foundation in Australia has curriculum resources on its website, including these for middle school students of Chinese:

The six culturally relevant stories engage students with language used in context and include a number of computer-based activities. Students are presented with small 'in story' tasks, more challenging 'linked activities' and contextually relevant language and cultural information.

The four Explorer resources develop students' awareness of Chinese society and culture.
Texts are short, based on familiar vocabulary and structures, and explore Chinatown, Beijing zoo, food and drink, and minority groups in China.

Space voyage games
Students play the part of an Australian astronaut visiting a Chinese space station and must engage in dialogue with the inhabitants of the space station to solve a range of problems. Students review the available dialogue, then construct correct language (questions and responses) in order to make things happen. The game is predicated on prior learning and with students using conversational language to 'solve problems and save the day'.

Teacher resources
All games are accompanied by detailed teachers notes.

These resources are available at

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