July 16, 2012

Virtual Foreign Exchange Program Will Give Students Global Skills

From http://www.eschoolnews.com/2012/07/16/virtual-foreign-exchange-program-will-give-students-global-skills

Virtual foreign exchange program will give students global skills
Michigan’s Oxford Community Schools to establish pioneering program with sister schools in China
By Raishay Lin
July 16, 2012

Today’s students need to prepare for a globalized world, business leaders often say—but sending students abroad is usually too expensive for cash-strapped schools or parents. One Michigan school district is taking a unique approach to this challenge by establishing a virtual foreign exchange program so that students can take classes from teachers in other countries.

This fall, Oxford Community Schools will launch a virtual exchange program that allows American and Chinese students to take online classes taught by teachers on the other side of the globe.

Oxford’s launch of the program will begin with three virtual English classes for the students in China: TOEFL preparation, ACT preparation, and English composition.

Oxford students in Michigan, in turn, will be able to take virtual Mandarin language and Chinese culture classes taught by Chinese teachers, most likely beginning in the spring semester.

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