July 14, 2012

Book: A Grammar of Spoken English Discourse

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A Grammar of Spoken English Discourse: The Intonation of Increments
By Gerard O'Grady
Published by Continuum

Description: David Brazil's pioneering work on the grammar of spoken discourse ended at A Grammar Of Speech (1995) due to his untimely death. Gerard O'Grady picks up the baton in this book and tests the description of used language against a spoken corpus. He incorporates findings from the last decade of corpus linguistics study, notably concerning phrases and lexical items larger than single orthographic words and ellipsis. He demonstrates the added communicative significance that the incorporation of two systems of intonation ('Key' and 'Termination') bring to the grammar.

O'Grady reviews the literature and covers the theory before moving on to a practical, analytic section. His final chapter reviews the arguments, maps the road ahead and lays out the practical applications of the grammar. The book will be of interest to researchers in applied linguistics, discourse analysis and also EFL/ESL.

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