July 29, 2012

31 Reasons To Learn a Foreign Language

French teacher Carrie Gold recently posted on FLTEACH:

I get a big kick out of memes and those tumblrs with hundreds of reasons or examples of things. I decided to follow the format of the latter, and typed up a list of 31 reasons for learning a foreign language. I threw in a couple of "just because" things I could think of (like learning about other countries), but the majority of the reasons I pulled from research articles, books, or governmental publications (the citations are included). I included memes in a bunch of them, as well. I plan on talking about one reason in class about once a week during the next school year, and posting them on the classroom wall to keep up there during the year.

I'm pleased with how the little project turned out, and I wanted to share it with whomever would like to use it. I've posted the document on my Wiki. http://goldlanguage.wikispaces.com/Why+Take+French%3F . Please feel free to download and use the document, and to adapt it/add to it according to your needs.

Gold, C. [FLTEACH] Why study a foreign language. FLTEACH listserv (FLTEACH@LISTSERV.BUFFALO.EDU, 15 Jul 2012).

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