July 29, 2012

Article: Groups Bring New Life to the Cherokee Language

From http://www.carolinapublicpress.org/10572/groups-bringing-new-life-to-ancient-cherokee-language

Groups bring new life to the ancient Cherokee language
by Katy Nelson
July 17, 2012

Bringing the Cherokee language back to life after centuries of assimilation is uniting enrolled members of the Eastern Band, faculty and staff members at Western Carolina University and enrolled members of the two other federally recognized Cherokee tribes, the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma and the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokees.

Last week, representatives of the sister tribes met on the Qualla Boundary for a language consortium to add new words to the Cherokee lexicon. The group meets quarterly to keep a language spoken for hundreds of years relevant for the youngest generation of students at New Kituwah Academy and an Oklahoman immersion school.

Read this extensive and detailed article at http://www.carolinapublicpress.org/10572/groups-bringing-new-life-to-ancient-cherokee-language

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