July 16, 2012

Employment Opportunity: Ardmore Elementary Principal, Bellevue School District, WA

Ardmore Elementary in the Bellevue School District is a special school site with a Mandarin Dual Language program as well as a large ELL population. They are looking for an experienced Elementary Principal, who understands language acquisition, diversity, and is bilingual and bicultural, for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Essential Functions: Bellevue principals and assistant principals must serve as leaders and managers. First and foremost, they are expected to be instructional leaders. They are expected to spend the majority of their time, energy, and talents focused on the quality of education being offered at their schools. An instructional leader is one who thinks about the tremendous complexity of teaching and learning, who spends the majority of the professional day devising ways to improve the quality of instruction at all levels of the school, who observes instruction regularly, who provides feedback that is candid and powerful, and who designs staff development programs that meet the real needs of teachers.

In addition, principals’ management responsibilities include:
Ability to lead staff to work collaboratively in professional learning communities;
Ability to develop and lead school based teams in the improvement of instructional practices;
Establishing and maintaining appropriate behavioral standards;
Running an efficient and highly organized school;
Communicating frequently and comprehensively with all stakeholders;
Securing supplementary resources and using all resources appropriately.

Reporting Relationships:
Reports to Elementary Director of School Support

Professional Qualifications:
Possess or qualify for immediate issuance of a valid Washington State Administrative credential;
Have at least three years of demonstrated successful teaching experience and at least one year of educational leadership and/or supervision experience;
Specific training as a school administrator, holding a master’s degree or its equivalent, preferred;
Training and/or experience working with students with a variety of educational abilities, skills, and cultures; including special needs, transitional bilingual, special education, and/or “at-risk”.

Criteria, Characteristics, and Qualifications:
Possess administrative knowledge, skills, and experience;
Possess knowledge and skills related to Title 1, Dual Language, ELL and EBD programs;
Express ideas clearly for different audiences in oral presentation and in written communication;
Provide positive, collaborative and visionary leadership;
Have current experience, knowledge, and commitment to needs of children; young adults and/or maturing adolescents.

The most competitive candidates will have the following characteristics:
Bilingual, Bi-literate and Bi-cultural;
The ability to provide appropriate and innovative supervision and leadership to the instructional program;
The ability to seek out relevant and current data, analyze and research complex information;
The ability to reach logical conclusions, make high quality decisions, and set priorities;
Successful experience working with students with a variety of educational abilities, background, skills, and cultures;
Successful experience responding to and engaging in a diverse multi-cultural and multi-racial community;
Successful experience involving others in solving problems and guiding them to accomplishment;
Successful experience as a strong facilitator and skilled at group process; positive attitude, sense of collegiality;
Successful experience in leading discussions, and a good sense of humor;
Other criteria may be established by the selection committee.

Application: The posting will appear on the employment page of Bellevue Schools. Find more information about this position using the following link: https://employment.bsd405.org/JobPostingsBrowse.aspx

Employment Opportunity: Ardmore Elementary Principal, Bellevue School District, WA. NCELA listserv (NCELA@HERMES.GWU.EDU, 16 Jul 2012).

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