July 14, 2012

Dickinson College Commentaries Support Readings of Classical Texts

From http://dcc.dickinson.edu

The Dickinson College Commentaries feature Latin and Greek texts with explanatory notes, vocabulary, and graphic, video and audio elements, for readers of Greek and Latin. Currently texts include Caesar excerpts to be used in the College Board's Advanced Placement Latin course and Sulpicius Severus’ Life of St. Martin. Ovid’s Amores Book 1 is to be added this summer.

This is an updated and expanded version of a previous site (http://wiki.dickinson.edu/index.php/Caesar_Gallic_War) that was described in an InterCom article last year (http://casls.uoregon.edu/intercom/site/view-article.php?ArticleID=12630). For full information about the commentaries and the project, go to http://dcc.dickinson.edu/about-dcc

The Dickinson College Commentaries are available at http://dcc.dickinson.edu

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