May 6, 2012 Website Dedicated to Kiswahili


Kiswahili goes .com
May 3, 2012 is a world-class Kiswahili website powered by Taifa Leo of Kenya and Mwananchi of Tanzania, both leading Kiswahili newspapers and brands of the Nation Media Group (NMG).

The site will be teaching Kiswahili online through audio, video, and PDFs of Kiswahili teaching modules for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels through partnership with the best institutions in East Africa. is also offering historical photo archives of important events in Kenya and East Africa touching on personalities, events, and places.

It also hosts the most informative Kiswahili programme, Kamusi ya Changamka, on Qfm, and cultural and historical information on Kenyan and Tanzanian communities and their languages.

The website has downloadable Kiswahili award-winning essays by primary school pupils, compositions from the best of East Africa’s poets with archives that Taifa Leo has published since the 1960s.

The site is the first to offer Kiswahili Masters and PhD theses and other research papers for reference online through a resource centre called Maktabani Jisomee.

There is a Kiswahili e-paper version of both Taifa Leo and Mwananchi, online updated news, features and selected archives of editorials, commentaries and opinions that have appeared in Taifa Leo from 1958 to date and for Mwananchi since 2006.

Interesting shows on NTV like Makala ya Upekuzi, Hadithi za Kaya Kayaya, Gumzo Mitaani, Kukanganyana, Kurunzi, Makala ya Jumapili, Jarida la Kaunti, Msanii na Sanaa, Mseto, Taswira ya Jamii, Enzi Zao, Ukumbi wa Hamasisho and the popular QfmLive are available on the site.

Music lovers will soon also enjoy a collection of Taarab and Bongo audio and video formats on swahilihub.

“The site offers all that a Kiswahili-loving person needs. There has not been anything like this before,” Hezekiel Gikambi, the head of the project said.

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