May 19, 2012

Online Summer Course: AP Classical Authors

From the Latinteach listserv:

UNC Greensboro's summer online offering for 2012 will focus on readings from the AP Latin curriculum (Vergil, Aeneid and Caesar, Gallic War), along with an overview of the curriculum and best practices for teaching it.

Dates: July 9 – 27
Meeting times: 1-2 pm, Monday through Friday*
Where to sign up:

*Much of the course will by asynchronous, with web lectures and online activities, so we may not meet online every day.

Non-degree-seeking students are welcome to enroll! You must have a B.A. in Latin or its equivalent. Tuition is currently $194.56 per credit hour for North Carolina residents; out-of-state students pay $405.35 per credit hour.

The only required equipment is a computer, a robust internet connection, and a headphone/microphone.

If you are planning on attending the National JCL convention from July 26-31, don’t worry about the slight overlap in our dates – we will accommodate your schedule.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact me!

David Wharton, Director of Graduate Study
Department of Classical Studies
P.O. Box 26170 Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
(336) 509-8172 / wharton at uncg dot edu

Wharton, D. [Latinteach] Summer Online Course! AP Latin Authors. Latinteach listserv (, 16 May 2012).

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