May 27, 2012

May/June 2012 Issue of the NCLRC Language Resource Newsletter


NCLRC’s May/June newsletter is chock-full of ideas for working with the Comparisons standard. Guest Feature Author Lori Langer de Ramírez offers us insights about constructing windows and mirrors, as well as three lesson plans that encourage comparing. Nada Salem shares her final observations and solutions for teaching cultural concepts in the classroom. Mary Chang offers personal observations on how it feels to live in another culture and provides sample lesson plans based on comparing nutritional standards. YANA discusses using the Ah-Ha! Moment to make cultural comparisons and provides a list of comparison activities for both language and culture. Marcel LaVergne has a Sound Bite about the names of objects and suggests some other ways to compare cultures and languages. In the Testing Tips column you will find an assessment comparing relative distances of objects. Finally, Jill Robbins has some wonderful summer fun with mobile apps.

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