May 19, 2012

Multiplayer: New Sentence-Writing Game on Quizlet


You may be familiar with Quizlet, an online study tool in which you can build your own flashcard sets to study in a variety or ways, or use sets that have been created by other users.

A new function on the website is the Multiplayer sentence-writing game. Each person in a group of three or more players is shown the same word, and each person writes a sentence using that word. Then a collection of other players’ sentences is shown, and each player rates them on a three-level scale. Finally, the results of the rating are shown.

Teachers can pause the game to take advantage of teachable moments and to address persistent errors.

Currently anyone can play the game using existing word sets, but you must be a Quizlet PLUS member to create your own sets. You can take advantage of a promotional offer to join Quizlet PLUS for a year for free at

Play a sample Multiplayer game at and scroll down for more information about it.

A collection of frequently asked questions about the new game is available at

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